My Vision

My Vision

My Vision for Tasman District

Tasman District is a growing, thriving area and its growth must be well managed, reflecting visionary leadership. Development must retain and enhance our natural landscape, support traditional rural industry, while enabling new high-value high-quality businesses and providing a quality lifestyle for the people.

Its residents must have easy access to excellent recreation and cultural facilities, quality infrastructure and a sense of guardianship over the environment for future generations.

Strong Team Leadership

My leadership of the Council team has proven to be inclusive, decisive and effective. As a result, our Council has been very effective at facing difficult issues and finding good solutions for our community.

I have led the Council in reducing our debt level, keeping rates increases to a minimum and ensuring all residents and ratepayers have input into the key issues that affect them.

I provided strong leadership in our community in the face of damage caused by adverse weather events across the District.  I have made sure core services have kept abreast of District growth enhancing community wellbeing through the development of a number of community facilities.

What I stand for

  • I believe it is essential to work with diverse interest groups.
  • I see value in Council working with other organisations and businesses to deliver desired community outcomes.
  • I value and support volunteers.
  • I believe Council must serve our communities by working with ratepayers and residents.

Keep rates increases low

With less reliance on debt and focussing on all areas of council spending we have been successful in keeping rates increases as low as possible. Our average rates increase over the last three years has been 2.5% per year. This year’s rates increase is just under 1%.  We have achieved this while facing costly weather events, keeping core services in line with District population growth and continued to develop required community facilities.  As Mayor I will continue this prudent financial management.

Reduce reliance on debt

Under my leadership, we have reduced our reliance on debt over the last term. Council’s finance team have indicated by the end of this financial year we expect to have $30 million less debt than predicted. By maintaining and managing our current infrastructure well I will ensure the reducing trend continues, freeing us up for the future.

Cooperation between councils

  • I will facilitate a progressive working relationship between Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough Councils and identify opportunities to work together.
  • I believe the Councils must work constructively to identify and fund regional facilities.


  • I support the completion of the Tasman Great Taste Trail, connecting Richmond, Brightwater, Kohatu, and Motueka.
  • I support identifying the Main Freight Transport (working group) routes and working to secure national funding.

I have been a successful and effective leader of our Council team in delivering reduced debt, low rates increases and new community infrastructure